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Who Are You?: A 24-Hour Pride Fest

Presented at Standard Toykraft
Presented with The Tank, benefitting the Audre Lorde Project

June 17 - July 8, 2016

With plays written by: Alisha Espinosa, Ashley Rogers, Jon Galvez, Nilan Johnson, Phillip Burke, Scott Kesselman

Performed by: Benny Acevedo, Doug Rossi, Jazmyn Arroyo, Kalista Tazlin, Robert Gilbert Crane, Sarah Hill, Tommy Boyd, Vanna Richardson, Vincent Iannuzzi, Vivian Aladren

Directed by: Anna Hogan, Benjamin Abraham, Charles Quittner, Janelle Zapata, Maria Aladren, Michael Hagins 

WHO AM I by Rodney Reyes

Presented at the Paradise Factory
Part of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity 2016

June 17 - July 8, 2016

Written by Rodney Reyes. Directed by Janelle Zapata. Produced by Jazmyn Arroyo.
Stage Manager: Samantha Nougues. Lighting Design by Jason G. Rader. Sound Design by Christina Daly. Choreography by Founding Artistic Director of American Liberty Ballet, Valerie Mae Browne. 

Performed by Alisha Espinosa (MAY), Michael Hagins (MARV), Eric Campos (GUY), Jenna DiMartini (GIRL), Gladys Hendricks (GOD), Randy Cordero (HUMAN), Mary Sheridan (MOTHER) and Rebecca Overholt (DAUGHTER). Featuring dancers of the American Liberty Ballet ensemble: Amy Miller, Erin Quarles, Leanne Gioia, Saeko Hayashi.

WHO AM I takes the viewer into a world where the line between reality and fantasy becomes blurred, peaking into the lives of four distinct stories: A Guy & A Girl who share a secret, A Mother & Daughter looking for the truth, A Comic Book Artist and his character come alive, and a human being having a psychedelic conversation with God (Her)self. Join us as we make discoveries little by little about how all of these strangers are connected to one another, and as we're forced to ask: what's real, anyway? 

WHO AM I by Rodney Reyes was featured in's recommended shows for June 2016.


Award Acknowledgements:

Planet Activist Award: Who Are You? A 24-Hour Pride Fest benefitting the Audre Lorde Project
Outstanding Overall Production of a Revival or Adaptation (Winner)

Outstanding Choreography (Fight or Dance): Valerie Mae Browne (Winner)

Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play: Mary Sheridan (Winner)

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play: Michael Hagins (Nominated)

Outstanding Ensemble in a Play, Musical, or Evening of One-Acts (Nominated)

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TheatreScene Review: "Ambitious and passionate"

Drama Queens Review: "This show is a first-class performance"

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