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A.R.T./New York:  2019 Nancy Quinn Fund


This is an extra special thank you to our day 1 supporters who helped us get on our feet when we had no company history, no funds, only a dream. We couldn't have done it without you.

Anonymous Amanda Brennan ∙ Americo Arroyo  Alexis Carbone ∙ Ana Barakova  Benjamin Abraham  Bindia Onik  Christopher Castellano  Cory Herbert ∙ David Ortega  David Rey Martinez  Ego Actus  Kenny Perez  Rania Jumaily 
Robin McGrath  Samantha Glovin ∙ Scott Kesselman ∙ The G. Raders ∙ Valerie Mae Browne  Wendy Mae Shelton



Anonymous (multiple) Adam Sherwin ∙ Alexis Carbone ∙ Allison Mitchell ∙ Amanda Brennan ∙ Americo Arroyo  
Ana Barakova  Andrew Rothkin ∙  Antonio Miniño Ashley Rogers ∙ Benjamin Abraham  Bindia Onik  Blanca Viloria
Brock Hill ∙ Cassandra Aaroe Chelsea Rodriguez ∙ Christopher Castellano  Cory Herbert  David Marcus
David Ortega ∙ David Rey Martinez ∙ Desi Moreno-Penson ∙ Don Slepian  Ego Actus  Eric Campos
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund  Isabella Schiller Ivan Ramos ∙ Jak Prince ∙ Kara Cutruzzula  Kenny Perez  Lourdes Zapata Mark Omernick ∙ Matan Shavit Matthew Doherty Michael Hagins ∙ Michell Cuartas ∙ Natasha H Olivia Rubano ∙ 
Raiane Cantisano ∙ Rania Jumaily  Rebecca Overholt Robin McGrath ∙ Sajedur Rahman Samantha Glovin ∙ 
Samantha Nougues ∙ Scott Kesselman  Stephanie Mendez ∙ The G. Raders ∙ Valerie Mae Browne  Wendy Mae Shelton  Yorgeilin Nuñez


Danny Matos Personal Training ∙ New York Neofuturists ∙ ILL Productions Photography ∙ Imu gifts ∙ Lila Elias Art ∙ LMHQ (Bright Ideas Grant by ConEd) New York Broadway Tours ∙ RawPhotos ∙ The Tank ∙ Tony White ∙ The Producers Club


Thank you to the following donors who contributed monetary and in-kind donations to the Artists United for Puerto Rico hurricane relief benefit & fundraising initiative in the Fall of 2017. 100% of your donation went toward the purchase, transport, and direct distribution of goods on the ground in Puerto Rico by non-profit organization Regular Hero.

This cause was closer to our hearts than we can articulate. Thank you.

Anonymous (multiple) ∙ Adam Barr ∙ Akia Squitieri ∙ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ∙ The Alchemical Studios ∙ Amelia Fowler ∙ 
Amin & Leila ∙ Ana Glez ∙ Ana Guerrero ∙ Andrew Rothkin Ann Yali ∙ The Artist Co-Op ∙ Blanca Viloria ∙ Brian Evans ∙ 
Brigid Warnke ∙ Caridad Blondett ∙ Caroline Polania ∙ Cassandra Aaroe Chelsea Rodriguez ∙ Christopher Castellano ∙ 
Daryl Bright ∙ David Ortega ∙ Dayna Kravitz ∙ Debra Seftel ∙ Denise Frawley ∙ Desi Moreno-Penson ∙ Diana Pho ∙ Dirk Smile ∙ 
Dixon Place ∙ Ekow Baiden ∙ Elyse Ortiz Emily Walton ∙ Eric Krebs & The Physics Theater ∙ Federico Blondett ∙ 
Georgios Michailidis ∙ Gregory Bordelon ∙ Hanna Berggren ∙ Henry Ayres-Brown ∙ The Imbible ∙ Iris Gibbons-Avanzino ∙ 
Ivelisse Fernandez ∙ Janelle Zapata ∙ Janet Mellor ∙ Joan Danahet ∙ Joe & Leslie Castellano ∙ John Derosalia ∙ Karla Henriquez ∙ Katherine Odalis ∙ Kathleen Moreno Kathleen O'Neill ∙ Kangping Zhu ∙ Kathryn Lagana ∙ Kelsey Letang ∙ Kenneth O'Brien Kenneth Perez ∙ Kiana Morris ∙ Lagunitas Brewing Co ∙ Lanie Zipoy Lauren Huang ∙ Lizzie Honan ∙ Lourdes Molina ∙ 
Lourdes Zapata ∙ Macy Atkinson ∙ Mairym Roland ∙ Maria Aponte ∙ Maricela Perryman Marta Darby Designs ∙ 
Marta Diaz-Marcano ∙ Matthew Doherty ∙ Mavreen Smiel ∙ The Menagerie ∙ Michael Budden ∙ Michell Cuartas ∙ 
Michele Veintimilla ∙ Mohammed Rijab Monika Sawicki ∙ Nabila Wirakusumah ∙ NS ∙ Pito's Coquito LLC ∙ Regular Hero ∙ 
Rob Martin ∙ Roland Lane ∙ Rosemary Page ∙ Samantha Glovin ∙ Sandra Martin & Kurt Schmidt ∙ The Signature Theater ∙ Stephanie Kane ∙ Stephanie Mendez ∙ Steven Donnelly ∙ Theatre Row ∙ Trader Joe's ∙ Vanessa Ortega ∙ Yelena Guller ∙ 
Yorgeilin Nuñez

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